Quality materials processed by hardworking hands and the most modern technology

We have four different materials from four of our own quarries.

Our materials are limestone, which is suitable for arranging both external and internal surfaces.


With its rich structure, full of beautifully preserved fossils, it adorns indoor or outdoor spaces. With a light gray base that fits any color, it can be incorporated into any interior.

Lipica Unito

Lipica Unito shows us with all its beauty, in light gray, which is sometimes darker, sometimes brighter, sometimes more, sometimes less uniform… but always beautiful, natural and authentic!

Lipica Fiorito

The beauty of the characteristic floral appearance is given to the stone by sections of fossils, which are especially well preserved here. The different gray shades of the stone enable different combinations, both within the Lipica Fiorito stone itself, as well as with other types of natural stones and materials.


It is essentially a variant of Repen, a limestone of high density and excellent durability, with a fairly uniform structure.

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The wealth of our quarries always within reach

With our own quarries, we provide natural stone independently of global markets.

The proximity of quarries and production units enable quick and local access to raw materials.

Instructions for the maintenance of stone surfaces

When the stone is set and the work is finished, it looks great, just the way we imagined it. And then? Here are some practical tips for you to make sure your stone surfaces are permanently cared for.