Natural stone extraction in harmony with nature and man

Quarries are an integral part of the Karst cultural landscape. For centuries, they have enabled Karst people to live and survive in this land of stone.

The entire tradition of Karst comes from the stone, which gives the Karst its characteristic gray color. This is due to the kavadurs (quarry workers), who invested their energy, vitality, and youth in the quarries, of which there are many in the Karst.

Today, modern Karst quarries and stone-cutting workshops are built on their shoulders. We look at them with pride and draw inspiration for further work from their works.

Lipica I quarry

The Lipica I quarry is the largest quarry of the company Marmor, Sežana d.d. The natural stone Lipica Fiorito and, to a lesser extent, Lipica Unito are extracted there. Both open pit and underground extraction of natural stone enable the continuous operation of the quarry and thus a guaranteed supply of natural stone.

Lipica II quarry

The largest underground quarry of natural stone in Slovenia is located just outside the town of Sežana. The natural stone Lipica Unito is extracted there. Marmor, Sežana d.d. with its own excavation method, manages and designs the works in the quarry in such a way that these do not affect the surface. This preserves typical karst habitats and the karst region, and the impact of the quarry on the surrounding area is minimal.

The wealth of our quarries always within reach

With our own quarries, we provide natural stone independently of global markets.

The proximity of quarries and production units enable quick and local access to raw materials.

Doline quarry

The Karst highest quality natural stone – Repen – is extracted in the Doline quarry. The quarry, which was opened at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, has been closed and reopened several times in its history. Today, with company knowledge, it has been successfully operating and providing natural stone for almost 20 years. In the quarry, work is carried out exclusively underground, which enables the coexistence of nature and stonework far into the future.

Kopriva quarry

The youngest among the quarries of the company Marmor, Sežana d.d. is the Kopriva quarry. It produces the natural stone Kopriva, which is known for its hardness and resistance. The Kopriva quarry is the only quarry of the company that is fully open as an open pit mine. As the quarry expands and production increases, this quarry will also move underground.

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